Pollution is a sin of wrong doing by mankind.

July 3, 2013 in Miscellaneous


Soil, land, fresh water, saline water, atmosphere, sunlight, climate, stone, rocks, plants and animal kingdom are component of our environment. Purity, freshness, clearness, healthy and balanceness on all this is a matter of concern today. The term environment is in this sense today. The wrong activities of today will bring negetive impacts on the existance and quality of resource tomorrow.

Putting waste into river is not to get free from the waste. By adding waste into water bodies and rivers, we are increasing the problem. Putting into air is also creating another problem. If we put it into a land also can create problem to some extant. So we can say we can’t be free from the waste when we create once. The effect will for a longtime. In spritual language we can say such bad work as a sin.